Automatic Tank gauges system for petrol stations

Remote tank monitoring system IGAS-ATG is a solution, which is connected to automatic tank gauge (ATG) systems (probes) and transmits tank's measurement data to central database with its following processing. IGAS-ATG allows to:

  • monitor current states of tanks and reservoirs remotely,
  • generate reports for tank's states during a specified period,
  • keep history of all changes performed in tanks in central database (processing, storage and archiving of information in database),
  • remotely detect fluctuations in tanks and thus detect leakages and frauds,
  • control upper (overfill protection) and lower (prevention from damage of dispensers at dry running) limits in tanks 
  • send alarm notifications in case of emergency tank states (text message or e-mail)
  • unite different petrol stations (located in different places) to be controlled from a single system, capasity to unite petrol station chains into a single system with separation of user permissions (users of one petrol station chain will see only their petrol stations, not petrol stations of another chain)

IGAS-ATG system allows connection of different customers to the same server, such as each of the customers will see only his tanks and will not know about any other customers connected to the system. The customers can be separate petrol stations, as well as whole petrol stations chains.

Remote tank monitoring system allows to provide automatic additional and independent actual control over work of staff on reception and dispensing of petroleum products at all gas stations of the company.

Remote tank monitoring system IGAS works autonomously and independently from control and POS systems and cash registers, which provides control over fuel dispensers at petrol stations and compilating accounting documents. Tank monitoring system eliminates possibility of distortion of recorded information by service personnel of petrol station.

Area of application: petrol and gas stations, tank farms, storage depots and industrial enterprises.


Installation of the IGAS-ATG system requires that tanks are equiped with automatic tank gauge system (ATG system). ATG systems of almost every all manufacturers are supported by the IGAS-ATG system. 

Scheme of connections is the following:



CBX remote data gathering controller:

CBX controller is a little device with a SIM-card to be installed inside. Application of the CBX allows to make the system work completely autonomously and even hidden from "eyes". During operation CBX periodically requests measurement data from ATG system and accumulates them in its internal memory. Using SIM-card CBX periodically connects to Internet and transfers accumulated measurement data to the central server database through GPRS connection. Also in case of alarms and emergency situations CBX is able to send SMS-notifications.

SMS-notification can be programmed to be sent:

  • upon request - call to a previously specified number
  • on schedule (for example every morning at 10:00)
  • on event (for example at reception of fuel)

Scheme of CBX connection is the following:


In case if measurement data from ATG system is also required for some other device (like personal computer, POS system, cash register, etc.) - then it is possible to get measurement data of ATG system through CBX through its separate COM-port (simulator of ATG system):



In case if the petrol station already has a personal computer installed on site with connected Internet - then it is possible to use it to gather ATG system measurement data and transfer it to central server. Here are benefits of this variant:

  • no need to pay for additional GPRS connection and data traffic
  • no need to install any additional equipment
  • ability to monitor tanks and generate reports on the same PC


Module of visual presentation of current information on level gauges provides the user with an interface for graphical presentation of information about current values of measured product (level, temperature, density, pressure etc.). In case of excess of the measured values of the allowed range for these values - these values are highlighted in red.


Report generation module provides a user with a graphical interface for report generation of values of measured product (level, temperature, density, pressure, etc.) for indicated period. Module allows:

  • report generation by income
  • report generation by current state of tanks
  • report generation by refueling
  • save generated reports in PDF form


Tank monitoring system IGAS-ATG is available in three configurations:

  • GSM
  • network
  • local


This variant of a tank monitoring system is intended for the case, when it is required to collect data of level gauges from several geographically dispersed tank farms and save this information in one database on specially arranged for this purpose computer (hereinafter – "server"). But at tank farm location sites there is no wired communication channel between "Ethernet" and the global network “Internet”. Wireless GPRS-channel is offered as an alternative to wired communication channel. For this purpose a hardware device should be installed on site – CBX controller, that has GSM-modem. Data of level gauges by GPRS connection channel and through “Internet” get to “server” and save in database of the “server”. Now any user who knows access point to “server”, login and password, may through “Internet” connect to “server” and receive graphical reports of current readings of level gauges, and also construct reports for any period of time on indicated tank farm according to their access rights.

Also this variant may be used without connection to “server”. In such case CBX may be used as system of tank monitoring, which you can configure for text message notification on specific mobile numbers. These messages may contain current information of tank gauges or information about events on site (fuel income, power failure on site, activation of alarm sensors, opening / closing of any manhole lid with “dry-contact” sensors connected to CBX controller). A text message with current readings of level gauges may be sent due to event (for example, activation of security sensor) or on specified time. 


This configuration of the tank monitoring system is applied when there is a necessity to collect data from several geographically dispersed tank parks and store this data to a common database. Data from ATG systems arrives to central server through an Internet channel, where it is saved. Any user having access to the server (login and password) is able to receive graphical information on current tank states and also to form various reports on tank's operation for the specified period of time in accordance with set permissions.


This configuration of the tank monitoring system is applied when it is required to give tanks service personnel some information on measured parameters of petroleum products in tanks without a need to collect data from several geographically dispersed tank parks. Data from ATG systems is stored in database of local computer, which also indicates current parameters of petroleum products in tanks and provides various reports over specified period of time.


IGAS-ATG is easily installed on server by launching a self-installation setup file and following its steps. Connection of the ATG systems to CBX controller (or IGAS-ATG-Client) is performed using RS-232 or RS-485 interface. Configuration and management of the whole system is easily made from any PC with installed SIUR-Config application and Internet connection. All this gives an opportunity to deploy the system easily and quickly. IGAS-ATG system allows connection of different customers to the same server, such as each of the customers can see only his tanks and does not know about any other customers connected to the system. The customers can be separate petrol stations, as well as whole petrol stations chains.

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